Los Wembler’s

Los Wembler’s de Iquitos

Celebrate The Tenth Anniversary of The Roots Of Chicha

Los Wembler’s, the legendary band from Iquitos, Peru, are taking their original brand of psychedelic cumbia to Europe and North America. The five Sanchez Brothers who make up the band are pioneers who played an essential part in launching the psychedelic cumbia explosion of the 1970’s. The band, which wrote and recorded the classics “Sonido Amazonico” and “La danza del Petrolero” was anthologized on the Roots of Chicha compilations and has been covered by bands as varied as Los Mirlos, Chicha Libre and Firewater.

In 1968, in Iquitos, the capital of the Peruvian Amazon, a certain Solomon Sanchez decided to form a band that would play an electric version of the music popular in the Amazon at the time – pandilla, Brazilian carimbó, and of course, cumbia. Solomon enlisted his five sons and named the band Los Wembler’s. Using electric instruments came with a certain Anglo exoticism and in the middle of the Amazon, the name Los Wembler’s sounded exotic enough. It still does.
Los Wembler’s were started the same year as Los Destellos and Juaneco y su Combo, two other Peruvian cumbia pioneers who laid the foundation for what would become known as chicha.